Colorado Cannabis Resources

What makes the cannabis industry so exciting? Its rapidly evolving nature keeps even the sharpest of us constantly on the search for the latest industry happenings, cultivation and extraction information, legislation, and trends! It is important for us to provide you with the most accurate and up to date cannabis related information available on the web. Browse the documents below for access to all necessary industry documentation.

Medical Marijuana Doctor Resources: For information regarding the process of obtaining your red card, as well as credible doctors in the area, please visit the following link: MMJ Dr. Referrals

Medical Marijuana & Disease: For information on how medical marijuana can greatly benefit patients with serious diseases and illnesses, please visit the following link: Diseases & MMJ

Local Resources: Department of Public Health & Environment MMED – Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division Department of Revenue Medical Marijuana Rules and Regulations House Bill 1284 Senate Bill 109 Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry

Forms: Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Application New/ Renewal MMR Change of Caregiver

National Resources: Teaching seniors the benefits of Medical Marijuana Cannabis news, views, rumors & humor A site created to increase support for marijuana prohibition by increasing the percentage of the public that believes marijuana is safer than alcohol. A site set out to inform the public about cannabis news National Marijuana Magazine Defending the rights of medical marijuana patients and care providers through education and community participation. A committee working to reform marijuana laws Advancing legal medical marijuana therapeutics and research