About Kind Love

Established in 2010, Kind Love is one of the earliest pioneers of the Colorado cannabis market. It has become an authority and leading brand for the highest quality cannabis. It offers an exceptional medical and recreational dispensary experience.

Kind Love is well known in the market for its connoisseur flower, the widest selection of high-end concentrates, as well as superior cannabis-infused products. Their vertical integration from farm-to-product, together with their rigorous tracking and control of every aspect of the supply chain, ensures that consumers always get outstanding cannabis. Whether customers are looking for smokables, edibles, topicals, or clones, Kind Love is a one-stop-shop the finest quality cannabis products.

Being one of the few late-night dispensaries open until midnight, seven days a week, their commitment to quality transcends their vast selection of quality cannabis products, to the shopping experience itself. Kind love’s retail stores are committed to being welcoming. Their classy medical and recreational locations are nestled in Glendale, one of Colorado’s most affluent areas. Their team of industry experts are a trusted source for cannabis information on efficacy and advocacy in every area of their business. Each staff member is hand selected and trained to be an expert in all the aspects of medical and recreational cannabis use. Adding to that, they draw upon the vast knowledge they’ve accumulated since their opening in 2010 to offer consumers the best guidance and customer service, which they are renowned for. From the moment you enter one of their stores, to the next time you visit them, you will feel the bliss.

At Kind Love customers are what matter most. They care about their clients and want to make sure that each and every one of them will enjoy their quality cannabis products to the fullest. As one of the leading high-end wholesale brands in Colorado, patrons can also enjoy Kind Love products from one of their carefully selected partners. Partners may choose to grow flower from Kind Love’s specific genetics. They may purchase clones at wholesale prices for their customers. Lastly, specific stores may carry Kind Love’s newest Kama line of extracts, edibles, or concentrates, produced by the best artisans using Kind Love plants as starting material – the Kind Love brand is far reaching and fast growing.

The team at Kind Love believes in something greater. They know that by harnessing the most advanced practices in cultivation and production technologies from all over the world, together with their passion and dedication to the customer, that they’ll continue to lead the market. By using their innovative products and experiences, they’ll continue to improve the quality of life for cannabis users everywhere. They pride themselves on knowing that the only way to achieve that mission is by remaining true to their core values of cultivating excellence, continuous improvement, consistency, love, loyalty, and mindfulness.