Skunkberry Flower

Skunkberry Flower

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Quick overview

Our 'Skunkberry' is potent smelling beauty, thanks to the inherently complex terpene profile of parent strains 'Skunk' and 'Blueberry'. These more robust lineages produce a stunning combination of legendary flavors- with balanced euphoric and relaxing effects.

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There is nothing boring about these common strains. Skunk and Blueberry make some of the best tasting cannabis on the market with potency to boot. Bud structure is dense with light green and purple/blue shades, flecked with fire orange pistils, and frosted in starry trichomes. Growing this strain is all about enhancing terpene production, therefore, we recommend an organic soil grow. Growers can expect a 9-10 week flowering period. 

As implied in the name, aromas are a balanced combination of pungent skunk and sweet blueberry.

Skunk and citrus flavors with pure berry on the exhale.

23-28% THC

Skunkberry is a strain you can count on for a good time. The sheer bliss that this Cannabis Cup winning strain inspires enhances any light activity. Users can expect a lovely, uplifted emotional and mental state and a blissfully euphoric body high. Despite its indica-dominance designation, Skunkberry’s warm and comforting effects hardly eclipse the uplifted metal clarity that this strain evokes. Clarity of thought makes this a functional strain that won’t rob you of your motivation. Many find that this strain offers aphrodisiac qualities due to the influence of blueberry’s body euphoria and Skunk’s uplifting emotional state. A particularly appetizing smoke, Skunkberry is best enjoyed in freshly rolled joint format.

Medical Uses
The potency of Skunkberry lends itself well to medical use. An appetizing flavor both alleviates nausea and encourages appetite. The strain’s primary medical application is stress relief due to its happy and euphoric effects. Those suffering from depression find solace in the strain’s uplifting mental and emotional state. At higher doses, users can expect sedation and enervation, which can help combat insomnia. Although Skunkberry increases physical sensitivity this stain can effectively manage lower thresholds of pain and discomfort. Its well-rounded effects are better at handling systemic discomfort, such as muscle aches, over more targeted pain relief.