Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Cannabis Patch

Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Cannabis Patch

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Quick overview

The innovative thinking at Mary’s doesn't stop at the patch; research and product development are at the forefront of the company. The development of products maximize the benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant nutrients to provide patients with the highest quality products. The award-winning transdermal patch initially offers fast relief and continues over a long period of time. Each...

If you want cannabis in an alternate delivery method to smoking, vaping, or eating, Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Patches are the perfect solution for you! The 2”X2" cannabis pain patch adheres to your skin on any venous part of your body and transfers cannabinoids through the skin into your bloodstream that go straight to work systemically and provide relief throughout the body

Mary’s award-winning cannabis pain patches offer a quick onset of effects- and provide unsurpassed, all day or night relief. 

Available in:
Single Dose Packaging | 10mg
CBD       THCa       CBN    CBD:THC 1:1 

Single Dose Packaging | 20mg
THC Indica 
THC Sativa