Mary's Medicinals Pens 100MG

Mary's Medicinals Pens 100MG

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Mary's Medicinal Transdermal Pen is an alternative delivery method whereby the cannabis’ active ingredients are delivered through the skin, into the bloodstream to work systemically throughout the body. 

The Transdermal Pen is an accompaniment to Mary's Medicinal patches. The unique application pen squeezes out a 2-mg dose of CBD, CBN, THC Sativa or THC Indica gel for accurate dosing.  The pen has 50 (2mg) doses and is a perfect alternative delivery method with controlled and measurable dosing. 

The variety of cannabinoids available with the pen are suitable for different uses and enables you to create your own individual cannabinoids ratios. 

The CBD Transdermal Pen is a must for anyone who needs controlled dosing and rapid pain relief! The gel is rubbed into the skin to ease soreness and relieve pain.

CBN has shown to be helpful in promoting good sleep and relaxation.

The THC version of this pen is available in an indica or sativa variety and allows safe and discreet use of cannabis without smoking, vaping, or eating it.

The pens are available with the following cannabinoids:

50 2-mg doses, 100-mg total per pen

Cannabinoids Variety:
THC Indica 
THC Sativa