Lee Roy TK #5 Flower

Lee Roy TK #5 Flower

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Quick overview

In the world of 'OG Kush' strains, the 'Lee Roy TK #5' just might be our favorite of the bunch. Due to its unmatched flavor and remarkable potency, it’s one of the best yielding varieties of OG that we grow. Don't be surprised to see some serious chunks of beautiful, light green OG buds in this jar!

Triangle Kush x Rare Dankeness #2

Many OGs tend to taste almost dark, earthy, and leathery, (which we love) and while the Lee Roy certainly has some of those same elements present, it is arguably the brightest tasting of all of our OG strains, with an overt limey finish. Rare Dankness genetics offer a hearty Ghost OG and Chemdawg lineage that crossed with Triangle has resulted in our all-time favorite OG on the shelf. Beautiful thick, dense and resinous buds offer multi-colored tones of deep purples and greens. Growers can expect a relatively easy grow with a flowering time of 60-70 days and medium to large yields.

Fresh fruity aromas with deep earthy notes of Kush

Lemon-lime notes with hints of earthy hops

26-31% THC

This is truly a connoisseur grade strain with an unparalleled combination of potency, flavor, and refined effects. At first hit LeeRoy TK offers a soaring euphoria that quickly becomes firmly grounded in a warm and indulgent body high. Her heavy indica effects are nicely contrasted with a uniquely happy and euphoric cerebrals. This heavy-hitter is best reserved for late evening to nighttime use. We recommend any activity that allows the mind to wander and the body to relax. Watching a movie or taking a bath are all enhanced when in her restful arms. We recommend rolling a fresh joint to truly experience LeeRoy’s tantalizing scents and flavors.

Medical Uses
LeeRoy, like its sister strain Triangle, is adept at managing head pain of any kind. Unlike Triangle, however, Leeroy offers the user a more holistic body high that can effectively mask other aches and pains throughout the body. LeeRoy’s potency is such that it can address higher levels of pain and discomfort. A primary application can be found in stress relief. Mental relief in particular, is a highlight of this strain. No other strain is more satisfying, particularly after a long day of mentally or emotionally draining tasks. LeeRoy’s high THC content makes her a great choice to stimulate the appetite, particularly close to bedtime. LeeRoy is excellent at priming you for sleep, even her lovely wandering cerebrals won’t keep you awake at higher doses.