KAMA - Live Resin FSE - Tahoe OG - 1g

KAMA - Live Resin FSE - Tahoe OG - 1g

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Tahoe OG (OG Kush x SFV OG)

~Classic OG Kush that reeks of fresh leather and pine needles

A long history of tinkering with OG Kush genetics has led to the crafting of a superb heavy-hitter. This Cali Connection creation combines Swerve’s classic OG cut with the highly-coveted San Fernando Valley OG. The result is a plant of classic OG, that stretches significantly. This strain requires 9-10 weeks in flower. Intermediate to advanced skills recommended to really get this strain to shine.

Notes of earthy pine forest and pungent skunk.

Listerine, leather, and lemon with hints of fuel.

26-31% THC

Offering heavy indica effects with a zing of sativa euphoria, Tahoe is a strain best reserved for our more “advanced” smokers. Such potent sedation can be somewhat overwhelming to first-time or novice users. Tahoe is a strain best reserved for late evening use due to its narcotic mental effects and a heavy-handed dose of full body relaxation. This is truly a couch-locking strain that will absorb any excess energy in preparation for rest. Activities like watching a movie (that you don’t mind falling asleep to…), taking a bath, or getting a massage, are well-suited for this strain.

Medical Uses
Relaxation, above all, is what Tahoe inspires in its user. Muscle pain and stiffness are reduced and heavy eyelids make way to a sedated and peaceful mental and emotional state. Those seeking Tahoe for medical use are primarily using the strain to combat stress and insomnia. Sleeplessness can be addressed at both low and high doses once the first hit of euphoria has been given a half-hour or so to dissipate. Those seeking respite from pain and discomfort need not look further. Tahoe’s heavy-handed nature will coat the body in a warm, numbing blanket of relief. Those looking to enhance their pain relief regimen are recommended to combine Tahoe with a high CBD strain like Spectrum. Tahoe will provide sedation and a heavy body sensation while Spectrum will reduce pain related to inflammation and give the user a slight uplift.<br /><br />Live resin is hash oil made from a live plant that is fresh frozen and untrimmed to preserve the essence of the live plant.