KAMA - Live Resin FSE - Kandy Kush - 1g

KAMA - Live Resin FSE - Kandy Kush - 1g

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Kandy Kush (Trainwreck x OG Kush)

~Earthy and citrusy aromas, notes of skunk and sweet lemon

Kandy Kush is a strain from the Reserva Privada line created by DNA Genetics in Amsterdam. Combining two California classics, OG Kush and Trainwreck, they created something new. This breed has many of the medicinal properties of the famous Arcata Trainwreck cut, but grows and tastes more like OG Kush. Buds are dense and colorful, offering an almost “candied” appearance.

Kind Love’s particular variety of Kandy Kush leans toward the OG side of the genetics, resulting in buds that smell of leather, soil, and citrus. Growers can expect 9-10 weeks in flower, and an above average yield for an OG Kush.

Scents of sweet pungent earth, citrus and soil.

Strong notes of skunk, sweet lemon, and soil.

26-31% THC

Kandy Kush is a favorite among cannabis smokers seeking a heavy dose of euphoria. The influence of Trainwreck has resulted in a soaring euphoric body high, while its OG Kush genetics offers an inspired and relaxed state of mind. At first hit, you feel the euphoria take hold as you are ushered into a state of uplifted relaxation. At higher doses, the indica traits start to shine and a pleasant body buzz is evoked that helps release muscle tension.

Highly versatile, the consumer is able to at least moderately function both physically and conversationally. Whether you’re taking the dog for a hike, browsing the morning paper, or spending an afternoon with friends, most any activity is enhanced by the mental and physical euphoria Kandy Kush provides.

Medical Uses
Considered to be our most euphoric strain on the menu, Kandy Kush is a wonderful option to lift one out of a state of depression. Arousal is enhanced on Kandy Kush, as is a light dose of inspiration, making this a great strain for those seeking more motivation in their intimate life. Its high potency allows for a spectrum of light pain applications. Cut with a heavy indica like Ghost OG or tempered with a less stimulating strain like Afghani, users can find even more targeted pain relief. Due to its sheer potency, Kandy Kush is a perfect strain to transition one into a happy peaceful sleep, particularly when combined with one of the latter strains. This will help bring down Kandy’s soaring euphoria but not enough to strip the strain of its most coveted quality. Stress is effectively reduced by its joyful relaxation making this an excellent choice when seeking relief after a long day. In smaller doses, Kandy’s effects are functional and versatile, making it an appropriate strain to use at any time of the day for generalized, euphoric relief. Post workout recovery is particularly ideal for this strain, providing pain relief while enhancing the natural euphoria inspired by your workout.

Live resin sugar- Live resin sugar is made with butane. This product is made by manipulation a nucleation point and spreading it throughout the product in a vacuum oven. This will usually be dabbed but you can put it in a pen as well