KAMA - Live Resin FSE - Ghost OG - 1g

KAMA - Live Resin FSE - Ghost OG - 1g

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'Ghost' is one of the most potent OG varieties that we grow at Kind Love! With its uniquely 'OG' terpene profile, one smell of this original cut and it’s clear why OG Kush strains have become so popular. It has the classic 'OG' nose, with notes of soil, leather, and fuel, with undertones of lemon and lime. Earthy Aromas, with Flavors of Lime and Sweet Lemon

Thought by many to be one of the oldest true “OG” cuts, the Ghost OG was originally brought into the community by OverGrow.com forum member “OrgnKid.” The cut was then shared with another member of OverGrow.com who went by “Ghost.” From that point it was shared in some tight circles, eventually making the way all the way to Colorado. Appearance is dense and hairy with snow-capped trichomes. Growers can expect a 9-week flowering time and a moderately heavy yield.

OG fresh lemon and lime, with earthy notes of soil, leather and fuel.

Incensed Kush, lime, and sweet lemon flavors.


The Ghost offers balanced cerebral effects combined with a solid and sweeping body high. Those looking to unwind will find relief and then some. The Ghost is so potent that this a strain best reserved for situations where one is ready to transition into sleep. Her heavy-handed dose of relaxation will have you couch-locked at first hit. Pleasant cerebrals can be felt at lower doses, offering happy and euphoric mental effects. At higher doses, heavy body effects will overwhelm any residual cerebrals and help transition you into a deep and restful sleep. Snacking and scary movies comes to mind when seeking an appropriate activity on the Ghost.

Medical Uses
The Ghost’s unique OG flavor profile is accompanied by a heavy/sedating indica effect, excellent for muscle relaxation and sleep. A medical powerhouse, Ghost is one of the best OG’s for insomnia because of its potent body high and sedating effects. While balanced OG effects can be felt at low doses this is a strain that is primarily sought for its pain-relieving and numbing body high. The Ghost has a bit of a “downer” quality to it, making it an excellent choice for those looking to come down from higher levels of stimulation, anxiety or stress. Depression can be managed by those seeking sedating relief, however, symptoms of depression can be compounded by the strains heavy effects. This strain is not recommended for those already in a depressed state unless used as a precursor to sleep. This strain has the tendency of leaving users feeling tired or burnt out if consumed at high doses. We recommend late evening use so as to avoid its somewhat groggy comedown.

Live resin is hash oil made from a live plant that is fresh frozen and untrimmed to preserve all of the live plant's essence.