KAMA - Ice Wax - Bear Dance - 1g

KAMA - Ice Wax - Bear Dance - 1g

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A breath-taking beauty, known for its sedating properties and minty aftertaste, 'Bear Dance' was brought to the community by local breeders '303 Seeds'. This stunning hybrid has been a hit on the Kind Love shelves ever since.

Dessert Aromas of Chocolate, Anise and Mint with Flavors of Vanilla and Lemon

This offspring of SnowCap and Suge Pure Kush (Uzbezkistani Hash Plant x Pure Kush) is definitely a great way to start the evening. Easily recognizable by its trademark chunky buds and unique bouquet, this strain has quickly become a favorite of local growers, including us! We recommend some prior experience when working with this strain as it can be moderately difficult to grow. Indoor flowering time is around 9-11 weeks and results in hairy, substantial, frosty buds.

With an aroma of mint, chocolate, anise, and lemon, you might think the Bear Dance was a dessert, and in a way, you would be right.

The terpene profile of Snowcap shines with flavorful notes of lemon, vanilla and menthol on the exhale followed by an earthy aftertaste.


The effects of Bear Dance are fairly balanced, offering a euphoric buzz and creative mindset while still maintaining a relaxed and subtle body high. True to the juxtaposition found in its name Bear Dance offers balanced hybrid effects. Those looking for a versatile hybrid find that Bear Dance is applicable to a wide range of uses. From gentle aerobic activity to light social use, this is a strain that can complement any daytime activity that is not overly demanding on the mind and body. The creativity it inspires makes this a great strain to try for a walking mediation.

Medical Uses
Medically, Bear Dance is a great strain for depression and anxiety due to its euphoric yet relaxing effects. Her heady high allows for happy creative thinking that uplifts the mood and relaxes you into the present moment. Users can expect an appetite boost which is enhanced by the strain’s appetizing, dessert-like flavors and aromas. This is a fairly functional strain that will get you through the day and may even inspire a creative idea or two. The strains uplifting cerebrals indicate a slight sativa dominance yet without the raciness typical of more energetic sativa strains, making it a great choice for anxious individuals who are particularly sensitive to energetic effects. Like many hybrids Bear Dance is a great transition strain to try in the late morning or early evening, it won’t leave you tired but also won’t provide an energy boost. A subtle balance is the hallmark of this strain.

Extraordinary Flavor and Incomparable Purity
Ice Wax is a concentrate of cannabis, derived by submerging the cannabis in a bath of ice and water. Under cold conditions, the trichomes become brittle and separate from the cannabis readily with gentle agitation. The water used is then strained through progressively finer meshes, which separate out the trichomes into individual yields based on their size. The yields are then wicked of their moisture and spread thinly on sheets to cure in a cool, dry environment. The end result is a potent, flavorful concentrate of produced without the use of hydrocarbon solvents.