Holy Grail Kush Flower

Holy Grail Kush Flower

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Quick overview

Aptly named, 'Holy Grail Kush' seems to -have it all- and is the first strain to have nabbed a perfect score in the '2011 High Times Cannabis Cup' "Hybrid" category.

The legendary offspring of OG#18 and genetically potent powerhouse Kosher Kush bred by DNA genetics, this is a newer strain on the Colorado scene with quite the reputation already. Bud appearance is large and compact with bluish tints and crystalized almost translucent trichomes. Holy Grail is a great strain for beginners and advanced growers alike with a 63-day flowering cycle and bountiful yields.

Distinctly kush essences with notes of spice and citrus.

Flavors of fresh earth, pungent pine, and coffee with undertones of lime and hash.


The Holy Grail is a beautiful example of a strain that suits both recreational and medical cannabis users. Her high THC content ensures a solid and relaxing high while her higher-than-average levels of CBD temper any overwhelming effects, resulting in a very balanced yet potent hybrid. Holy Grail is a great go-to daytime strain. Her effects are long-lasting, ranging from 2.5-4 hours, and won’t leave the user feeling sleepy or burnt-out at the end of a session. Holy Grail is more uplifting than your classic OG but equally calming. Her true hybrid effects are displayed as a relaxed and soothing body high alongside clear-headed, creative cerebrals. Holy Grail’s grounding effects can be applied to a range of activities. A light hike, yoga session, bike ride around the city, all are suited for her deliciously

Medical Uses
Holy Grail Kush has the wonderful benefit of being comprised of up to 4% CBD. This enhances her medical benefits as well as tempers the psychoactive component of the strain. Higher amounts of CBD are often not noticeable to the novice user but are nonetheless working in the back end decreasing inflammation, increasing the efficacy of the immune system and tranquilizing the body. Pain and nausea are effectively managed on Holy Grail without substantial impairment to the user which can result from more sedating high-THC strains. While her potency is felt powerfully, her effects are ultimately subtle making this a choice selection for the management of chronic pain and anxiety. When combined, her High CBD content helps to temper the effects of more stimulating strains.