Green Crack Clones

Green Crack Clones

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(Skunk #1 x Afghani)

The lineage of Green Crack is sometimes disputed, though it is known that this strain was first bred in Athens, GA in the 1979s, from parents Skunk #1, and possibly some Afghani. This sativa-dominant hybrid was named by Snoop Dogg for its massive potency. Green Crack is mostly found in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, California, and Arizona.

Green Crack buds are dense and tight, much like a classically indica structure. The leaves tend to be yellow and pale green, and occasionally with purple streaks. These buds are sticky, with amber pistils that sit amidst milky trichomes.

A light citrus with notes of earthy wood.

Mango sweet with a bit of tang to it. On the exhale, you’ll detect notes of hash and spice.


Green Crack provides an extremely racy high that will leave you with loads of energy. The cerebral head-high is so intense, providing such an immediate jolt of energy that it can be a bit overwhelming to some. Users will experience an invigorated mood boost and mental buzz that increases creativity and inspiration.

With Green Crack, it’s important to remember that a little can go a long way. Higher doses can cause some slightly psychedelic effects, such as visual distortions and a noticeable impact on one’s sense of time.

Because of the strong sativa roots and its ability to leave users feeling wired for hours, this strain is perfect for a morning smoke, on days when you have a lot to get done. It can even help make even the most mundane of chores a bit more fun.

Medical Uses
Since this strain is predominantly sativa, it lacks the relaxation traits that is typical with indica strains. As such, there are fewer medical benefits with this strain. It is, however, great for anyone suffering from fatigue, due to its incredibly energizing effects. It’s also great for anyone that suffers from stress or depression.