Girl Scout Cookies Flower

Girl Scout Cookies Flower

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Quick overview

A sweet and potent surprise with ambiguous origins in California, this delicious strain is the offspring of 'OG Kush' and 'Durban Poison'. 'Girl Scout Cookies' smells and tastes like a confectioners treat... but beneath the sweet exterior, you discover the distinctly durban kick of energy. 

Girl Scout Cookies is thought to originate in California from a hybrid of the Cherry Pie (Cherry Kush) lineage, although many myths continue to surround its true origins. Girl Scout Cookies is best reserved for indoor advanced grows as it’s somewhat of a sensitive, finicky plant, that produces a low but potent yield. Like all varieties of the Cookies line, bud appearance is small and dense. Purple and green calyx frosted in trichomes lap against green and yellow pistils. Growers can expect a 9-10 week flowering cycle and significant stretching, but the result is a distinctly beautiful purple plant with delicious buds.

Sweet pungent and earthy with notes of sweet mint.

Milky, sweet notes of confectioners’ sugar play off deep and earthy undertones.


Girl Scout Cookies serves to prove that big things certainly do come in small packages. Its potency is felt at first hit, offering an instant dose of energy that evolves into a euphoric full body buzz alongside time-bending cerebrals. The undercurrent of Durban Poison energy leads to a somewhat intense high that lasts between 2-3 hours. Truly the perfect holiday strain, Girl Scout Cookies shines in social circumstances that call for good spirits and amusement. On the Cookies, users become giggly and talkative, the body becomes lightly energized and conversation flows. This is a great strain for any unfocused party or other social environment where a perky mind can roam. The Cookies are best reserved or morning and daytime use although its social applications make it appealing for any late night social gathering as well.

Those looking for a more relaxed and euphoric ride, are recommended to try its equally potent counterpart, Cookies and Cream.

Medical Uses
This is one strain that can handle higher levels of pain than most due to its potency and lightly invigorating effects. Girl Scout Cookies pain relieving medicine is like being wrapped up in an inspired, energizing hug from a comforting friend. The Durban influence offers almost caffeinated effects, making Cookies a less optimal choice for individuals who possess a more sensitive nervous system. Higher than average levels of the cannabinoid CBG can help contribute to distinct therapeutic effects such as the slowing of bacterial growth, a reduction in inflammation, and the inhibition of cancerous cell growth. Girl Scout Cookies is an excellent choice for a homemade topical. The effects on the skin are buzzy and invigorating and the high CBG content makes it a great preventative for those prone to melanoma. The happiness and euphoria it inspires makes this an optimal selection for those seeking relief from stress and depression. Appetite is stimulated and nausea is knocked out after only one hit. Less is certainly more with the Cookies.