Ghost Of Lee Roy Clones

Ghost Of Lee Roy Clones

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Quick overview

This strain only takes 8 weeks to flower and is great for grows with limited space. Its potency is ideal for pain management, deep relaxation and insomnia.

Strain: Ghost of Lee Roy
Plant Type: Hybrid (indica dominant)
Genetics: Ghost OG x Lee Roy TK
Breeder: Rare Dankness
Cut: From seed
Flowering Time: 60 + days
Height: Medium
Yield: Very High for an OG
Potency: >25%
Grow Difficulty: Medium 

Stays somewhat shorter than many other “og” genetics.  A good choice for tent growing.  Expect tight golf ball nuggets and a sweet, floral og smell and taste.

This rare strain comes from breeder Rare Dankness. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid, crossed between parent strains Lee Roy and Ghost OG. This strain has the hard-hitting effects of parent Lee Roy, and the smoothness of Ghost OG.

This strain has a high calyx to leaf ratio. Overall, this is a really nice tasting smoke with a well-rounded, enjoyable high.

This sweet lemony scented strain is covered heavily with crystals even throughout the leaves. While this strain appears to be a light green, the crystallized outer coating makes the bud to appear even lighter. Ghost of Leeroy will produce thick buds with tons of resin. Pistils are scarcely found on this strain. Upon first look, one will notice the extremely thick layer of crystals. Growers can expect a mid-size plant with strong sturdy branches and a high calyx to leaf ratio. Best of all Ghost of Lee Roy will offer quick and easy production with its generous, bountiful crop.