Cherry Lime Haze Flower

Cherry Lime Haze Flower

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Quick overview

Here we have a splendid sativa that is as joyful and exuberant as its name suggests. Like a fine cocktail of energy, with effervescent undercurrents of mellow relaxation... Our 'Cherry Lime Haze' is a favorite among those who love fruit-forward flavors and aromas.

Cherry Bomb x Haze x Unknown

Cherry Lime Haze, the lovechild of Haze and Cherry Bomb genetics, bring a heavy cherry scent and focused haze cerebrals. Bud appearance is conic with light green fluffy pistils shaded with hints of maroon and rust orange pistils. Growers can expect a fast finishing plant that stays low to the ground and supports itself well without cages or trellis.

A burst of cherry with hints of lime and pine.

Sweet with citrus and earthy undertones, with a less distinct cherry flavor than would be expected of its heavy cherry scent.

16-21% THC

Cherry Lime Haze is a highly social strain. It’s great for any high-energy activity that is more physical in nature than mental. Dancing seems well-suited to the uplifting and happy high of this haze. Inspiration and creativity are enhanced at any dose, although thoughts and conversation can become somewhat scattered. At first hit, effects are subdued leaving the user with a light and airy relaxation. This gradually evolves into long-lasting, free-floating cerebrals as it takes some time for the strain’s head buzz to take full effect. Cherry Lime Haze is a great strain for those who find the energy of other haze strains like Super Silver Haze overwhelming. Cherry Lime Haze can be considered a mellow sativa overall.

Medical Uses
Like many sativa dominant strains, Cherry Lime Haze can effectively treat head pain and pressure. The appetizing scent combined with its light and sweet flavor can help arouse the appetite in those suffering from nausea or cachexia. This is a great morning strain that will lightly stimulate your nervous system awake and chase away feelings of hopelessness or depression. The mellow dose of relaxation and pain relief offers medical applications in the treatment of arthritis and multiple sclerosis as well. Users will find that any physical tasks are enhanced while mental tasks become laborious. This is not the best strain on which to hold a conversation. It will, however, provide a steady dose of focus for physical tasks such as washing dishes or sorting laundry.