Canyon Cultivation - Suck It - Strawberry 10/10mg pieces

Canyon Cultivation - Suck It - Strawberry 10/10mg pieces

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Canyon Cultivation was developed by two generations of idealists living in the mountain canyons of Colorado. The candies are all natural, discreet and highly effective premium infused edibles. They are made using high-quality organic ingredients and our proprietary CO2 extraction process that is entirely free of any non-medicinal plant constituents.

They are sold as hard-candy lozenges or “suckers” and are Vegan and non-GMO. The hard candies come in two varieties: traditional and sour pucker. Each package contains ten pieces infused by 10mg of THC and a total of 100mg per package.

Available flavors include Strawberry, Citrus Medley, Grapefruit, Watermelon, and Apple.

THC/CBD 1:1 “Suckers” are available in Caramel, Apple, Lavender, and Lemonade.

REC: 10 mg per candy, 100mg / package