ARC (Alien Rock Candy) Flower

ARC (Alien Rock Candy) Flower

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Quick overview

One puff is certainly enough. If there is a flagship strain at Kind Love, this is definitely it. She frequently checks in on the potency scale at well over 30% THC and has been known to produce some of the most flavorful hash in the world. The smell, taste, and effects of ARC are so unique and intoxicating, that she...

Not one for the cannabis beginner, this heavy hitting combination of Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien is about as strong as anything we have ever experienced. Tahoe Alien brings about the heavy indica effects and Sour Dubble offers the prized uplifting cerebrals of its sour and diesel lineage. This is a great strain for both novice and expert growers alike, offering bountiful, colorful nugs frosted in sizable crystals that sparkle like gems.

A sweet berry nose with fresh tones of citrus and earth carry through from the jar into the exhale.

True to its name Alien Rock offers a very sweet and fruity flavor with notes of citrus that translates beautifully into hash.

30-35% THC

Alien Rock is creative tension personified. This strain is potent at first hit, experienced as a dose of pressure in the back of the head and a whirlwind of uplifting energy that suddenly envelops the user. These euphoric heights gradually melt into a deeply sedating full body buzz while still maintaining clear-headed cerebrals. Overall, ARC’s effects are strong and sedating with a powerful euphoric punch. Her overall tone is numbing and sweet, complex and emotive, offering intense stimulating highs and deep, indulgent low’s.

Medical Uses
Medically, Alien Rock is a very versatile strain. Her high potency is ideal for those who medicate frequently and have consequently developed a high tolerance to THC. Alien Rock is a great evening strain for stress and pain applications in that she provides immediate and lasting full body relief while allowing one to maintain a fairly clear head. Once the clear-headed effects have peaked you can expect a slow progression into the strains more narcotic and sedating qualities. The heavy body high also makes this a great strain to calm muscle spasms. At higher doses a deep and resting sleep can be obtained. Those looking for sleep applications can temper Alien Rock’s somewhat stimulating mental effects with a strain like Afghani so as to better sooth the nervous system and avoid an overactive mind. Her high potency makes this a very economical strain for low tolerance users. Your dollar will inevitably go further when one puff is all you need to experience its full range of effects.