Afghani Flower

Afghani Flower

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Quick overview

One of the highlights of this strain is the purity of its genetics. As implied by the name, Afghani originates from the region of Afghanistan- and it's one of the few landrace strains on the market that has kept its original genetics fairly clean.

Fluffy, substantial and resinous buds are the hallmark of this strain. Afghani can be traced back to the mountainous region of Afghanistan where Indicas reign supreme. In fact, the varieties originating from these pure Indica bloodlines are often referred to as Afghanicas, or alternatively, hash plants, due to the high resin production of cannabis plants found across India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. This strain is ideal for beginner grows due to its compact bushy stature, resinous buds and short flowering period of between 44 and 52 days.

This is a strain that evokes imagery of mysterious sand-swept lands. Afghani’s scent is earthy and sweet with notes of spice that transform it into something comforting yet exotic, like a fine incense. Warm hints of sandalwood and hashish compliment fresh undertones of sour and lemon citrus.

Afghani’s flavor is light and appetizing, subtle notes of warm spice at first hit melt into sweet lemon tones, with a slight spearmint finish in the back of the throat.


Afghani is a staple of true indica lovers worldwide. Its effects are authentically indica in nature offering deep relaxation and narcotic, sedating effects. A mellow, total body high can be expected and can lead to “couch lock” if consumed in high doses. Afghani is a strain that is best reserved for nighttime or to come down from highly stimulating activities. One hit offers gentle respite from stress and emotional or physical overwhelm. This is a great winter strain, its effects reminiscent of being wrapped in a warm and cozy blanket on a cold winter day. “Relief” is the word that comes to mind when describing its deeply primal therapeutic effects.

Medical Uses
One of the best strains for sleep, Afghani offers users a clear, subtly euphoric sedation, one that calms both mind and body in preparation for rest. Though not the strongest of strains, it remains highly regarded amongst those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and PTSD for its subtle yet deeply sedating effects. For those looking for effective pain relief, Afghani is a great strain to combine with other more potent strains. Many patients find that they like to temper the somewhat stimulating effects of more potent pain-relieving strains like Cookies and Cream or Alien Rock Candy, by cutting their bowl with Afghani. Sativa’s that induce racy, energetic effects in the user, can be tempered with an Afghani blend as well, resulting in a very balanced and enjoyable hybrid effect. This is a great staple strain for any cannabis user looking to calm an overstimulated nervous system and relax.