Our Path

Cannabis is a calling. It is our calling, rooted in kindness and imbued with love. We believe our name says it all.

Established in 2010, Kind Love has since blossomed into one of Denver’s most beloved and celebrated cannabis dispensaries. From seed to sale, our cannabis is treated with the utmost care and respect to present only the finest end product to our valued patients and customers.

Our purpose is single-minded; to serve you a quality product that will enhance your life no matter your cause for cannabis use. We honor the versatility of this powerful and beneficial herb by offering you an extensive product selection and a variety of consumption methods, all within the context of an exceptional shopping experience.

We are now calling you to take part in the movement to create a lifestyle centered in joy, health and wholeness. The cannabis plant is more than the sum of its parts, and we are more than a dispensary. We are a source of love and of hope to our community and beyond. We are agents of change, and so are you.