Our Grow

Cultivation with Love. Where the Growers Craftsmanship Meets Modern Technology

Welcome to our cultivation facility where the care of artisan craftsmanship meets 21st century state-of-the-art technology.

At Kind Love we believe that nature was designed with perfection in mind, and our role is simply to facilitate these natural qualities and processes for enhanced growth. A combination of rigorous cultivation standards and delicate care at each stage of the growth cycle is what has resulted in the success we have experienced today.

We are proud to offer medicinal grade, high quality, natural medicine, grown under one roof, where our expert cultivators take the time and effort necessary to produce the most exceptional medicine available on the market. Our high cultivation standards ensure that our patients and customers receive a consistent, potent, and pure end product.

Strong genetics are one such key to an exceptional crop. Our nutrient mix is another essential component of our success. We use a carefully balanced combination of natural and organic nutrients to treat our plants and let our prized genetics do the heavy lifting.

Our grow rooms are staged to deliver an even light distribution throughout the vegetative growth stage. We carefully monitor our harvest times to ensure the buds have sufficient time to develop. Prior to harvest we flush our plants with water to further ensure the purity of our end product. We also test our product for potency, mildew and mold, and avoid the use of harmful additives and pesticides.

From sprouted seed to bountiful harvest, we attempt to optimize our production at each stage of the plants development to maximize its growth and allow its most coveted qualities to shine.