Spectrum #12 Clones

Spectrum #12 Clones

  • Categories: High CBD, Medical Cannabis, Medical Clones

Cannatonic x Z7

The medically powerful combination of 1:1 CBD:THC strain Z7 combined with the uplifting, low-THC hybrid Cannatonic has resulted in the creation of our highest CBD option on the shelf. Appearance is somewhat ruderalis in nature, offering small and chunky light green buds caked in elongated golden trichomes. Growers can expect a short, fast flowering plant with thick foliage and an average yield. 

Mild notes of earth with a hint of citrus. 

Fresh and herbal flavors with undertones of fresh soil.

11:1 (CBD/THC) 22% CBDA 2.4% THCA

Spectrum#12, being our highest CBD option, is generally selected for medical use although we find that this magical plant can be applied to a number of other activities. Its effects are mild and uplifting with a noticeable body buzz at higher doses. Users will find themselves close to their normal state of mind but with a light dose of tension relief. Spectrum #12 is a great strain for any daytime or nighttime activity that requires a greater degree of presence. Chores and work of any kind is no problem on her clear-headed effects. This is a great strain to be out and about on because of her sublime, subtle and focused nature. 

Medical Uses
High-CBD strains like Spectrum possess analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties, without the psychoactive effects that accompany high-THC strains. This powerful trifecta of relief will help mask any discomfort without sedating the user. This is a wonderful introductory strain for the cannabis-shy consumer. Many non-cannabis users find its medical applications and clear-headed nature an optimal first experience without the unpleasant possibility of being overwhelmed. This is a great strain for use in pets due to its low amount of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. We recommend micro-doses in tincture format when used on animals. This is particularly important when starting a regimen, to ensure that the animal gradually gets accustomed to the effects of the drug. We also recommend daily micro-dosing in tincture format for humans for use as both a preventative and to alleviate chronic conditions. Spectrum can also be combined with other high-CBD strains for those who wish to find their most ideal CBD/THC ratio.