White Fire OG Flower

White Fire OG Flower

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Quick overview

A true connoisseur strain bred by OG Raskal, the indica leaning 'White Fire OG' has been tightly held and treasured by the cannabis community for the better part of the past decade. This rubbery, kush heavy powerhouse routinely checks in at over 30% THC.

The White x Fire OG

This heavy hitter combines the pure potency of the original Fire OG Kush cut with the absolute beauty and intense trichome coverage of the legendary White. Combined, the two form one of the most eye-catching and potent plants in the garden. The results are fiercely bright white trichomes frosted over vivid green calyx and rust orange pistils. Intermediate growers will find success with this strain both indoors and outdoors and can expect a 9-10 week flowering period and very high yields for an OG cross.

Fresh “WiFi” gives off a smell that uncannily like a freshly opened can of tennis balls.

Fuel-forward flavors combine with notes of earth, pepper, and pine.

27-32% THC

At first hit, the power of the White emerges full force as a potent dose of uplifting, mind-bending cerebrals. Users will find themselves detached from their bodies, swept away into a dreamy mental state. This is one of the best strains with which to detach from the stress of the day. Users will find that their thinking becomes inspired yet serene while their body takes much-needed respite in White Fire’s full-body lightly buzzy and euphoric glow. What truly stands out about this strain are its floating cerebrals that transition into deep narcotic effects. WiFi is an excellent evening precursor to a bath or a shower, really any soothing activity that allows the mind to wander. Although this is a functional strain in low doses, higher doses will have the user couch locked and ready for bed.

Medical Uses
Few strains can effectively reduce pain to the extent that WiFi OG can. Her potent dose of medicine will wrap the user in an ethereal expansive euphoria that compels the mind to relax and the body to forget. We recommend WiFi for higher levels of pain of any kind. Although at higher doses WiFi can lead to sedation, we generally find this strain to be one of the more functional pain-relievers in our repertoire due to its light dose of mental energy, and recommend it for daytime use in cases of severe pain. WiFi can also provide significant relief from stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety because of its tendency to distract both mind and body and its unique ability to focus the user into a more positive and joyful mental space. This is a great strain to reset the system and begin planning for a more optimistic future.