Tiger's Milk Flower

Tiger's Milk Flower

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Quick overview

This indica-dominant hybrid tends to smoke like a stronger version of its mother, 'Bubba Kush'- and is an excellent choice for connoisseurs seeking a super unique flavor profile.

Bubba Kush x Appalachia

The offspring of Bubba Kush and Appalachia, Tiger’s Milk has some of the same chocolatey smell and taste that’s evident in Bubba, along with an incredibly unique butterscotch/caramel flavor that’s almost one-of-a-kind. While the flower is excellent, (it was named Strain of the Year by Westword in 2017), we think this profile translates especially well to hash, especially solventless extractions. Buds are dense and bulbous with amber trichomes and flecks of purple. A nine-week flowering period and excellent yields make this a great indoor strain for novice and advanced growers alike.

Butterscotch, chocolate, coffee, earth, and hash.

Notes of butterscotch, milk, spice on the inhale. Deep, sweet, and hashy on the exhale.

25-30% THC

Tiger’s Milk brings euphoric cerebral effects, almost bordering on psychedelic, that quickly evolve into a happy gentle relaxation. The functional relaxation that this strain inspires makes this hybrid a favorite among indica lovers. At first hit Tiger’s Milk is smooth and calming with a dose of mind-bending cerebrals. Users can expect a quick onset of effects that last approximately 2-3 hours. This strain is best reserved for early evening use as it does offer somewhat sedating qualities. This is a great rainy day strain that will relax yet inspire you to engage in mental activity. Listening to music, reading poetry or a gentle yoga or meditation session suit Tiger’s Milk smart sedation.

Medical Uses
Tiger’s Milk lends itself well to pain applications, particularly when used to relieve arthritis and back pain. This is also a great strain for stress and depression due to its functional, uplifting cerebrals and warming, light body sedation. Tiger’s Milk is certainly a strain that will leave you feeling serene and optimistic. While this isn’t the most potent strain on our shelves, it is certainly one of our most unique and offers significant levels of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBG. CBG is found in higher abundance across low-THC strains and has known to help in numerous ways. It can slow or kill bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, reduce paranoia and anxiety, inhibit cancerous cell growth, decrease ocular pressure, and promote bone growth.