Grape Ape Clones

Grape Ape Clones

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Quick overview

Strain: Grape ApePlant Type: IndicaGenetics: Mendocino Purps x Skunk x AfghaniBreeder: Clone onlyCut: Clone onlyFlowering Time: 8-9 weeksHeight: ShortYield: LowPotency: 18-20%Grow Difficulty: Hard In this indica-dominant strain, the consumer will benefit from the indica effects provided from Medocino Purps and Afghani strains but will also feel the release of stress and anxiety from the sativa strain, Skunk #1. A lazy...

Strain: Grape Ape (THC Heavy)
Plant Type: Indica
Genetics: Mendocino Purps x Skunk x Afghani
Breeder: Clone only
Cut: Clone only
Flowering Time: 50 days
Height: Short
Yield: Low
Potency: 18-20%
Grow Difficulty: Hard

If you like purple weed then look no further.  This squat indica flowers fast and hits hard.  Its broad fan leaves cover many tightly packed bud sites below.  A good defanning is always in order. The jar appeal of this herb is off the charts.  There is never mistaking what’s in the jar when Grape Ape is on the shelf.

A lazy body high will be the result of consumption that will kick in to relieve insomnia, chronic pain and chronic stress. When first inhaled, there will be a burst of an energy sensation that can be explained by the euphoric effects of sativa strain, Skunk #1. Grape Ape is a great hybrid where one will feel relaxed with an uplifting mood and mindset.

Known for its grape-like aroma, Grape Ape bred by Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm is a purple phenotype with dark orange pistils. Wide leaves start dark green in color and mature into a deep purple. As the plant reaches full maturity, the leaves continue to darken. Everything is covered in a thick layer of THC crystals; from the branches and leaves to the stems and stalks. The bud is extremely dense and compact with a grape candy aroma; artificially sweet like grape soda. Darker purple color is normal for Grape Ape and is recommended for cooler temperatures.

This strain typically takes a little longer to finish than others within its purple family; up to ten weeks but as little as seven weeks. Extra time will allow the flower to yield high THC levels and dense buds. Other pure indica strains like Afghani take eight weeks but Grape Ape will require more time than normal.

Not an expert at growing? Grape Ape is perfect for the moderate grower and can flourish in various soil. The plant is of a short stature as it grows into a low-lying bush. If the sun hits just right on Grape Ape the sticky crystals will illuminate as if it was covered in glitter. Buds are purple in color with deep orange pistils. The looks of Grape Ape are directly in line with those of any indica tight, dense bud but with slightly thinner leaves.