Tahoe Alien Clones

Tahoe Alien Clones

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Quick overview

Strain: Tahoe AlienPlant Type: Hybrid (sativa dominant)Genetics: Alien Kush x OG Kush Breeder: Alien GeneticsFlowering Time: 8-9 weeks Height: TallYield: Above averagePotency: Grow Difficulty: EasyDue to the high levels of THC, Tahoe Alien is an indica-dominant strain that will make your body and mind transport into a peaceful bliss. The indica properties come from Tahoe OG which is crossed with...

Strain: Tahoe Alien
Plant Type: Hybrid (sativa dominant)
Genetics: Alien Kush x OG Kush
Breeder: Alien Genetics
Flowering Time: 55 days
Height: Tall
Yield: Above average
Potency: 21-24%
Grow Difficulty: Easy


A sleeper hit at Kind Love!  This indica has, in many ways, the best of both worlds from its parents.  It has the resin production and potency of the Tahoe OG while keeping some of the desirable, self-supportive structure of its Alien Kush side.  Frost rails down the intermediate leaves are the name of the game along with an astringent, new shoe smell that is unique to the Alien Kush genetics.

Tahoe Alien is recommended for afternoon and evening use because it will create a sense of calm. You will experience a cerebral high at first then your body will start to numb to relieve stress, pain, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia. The high is not too heavy, it does not act as a sedative or narcotic that will knock you out but helps to aid pain and discomfort.

Tahoe Alien of Alien Genetics is covered in a layer of trichomes leaving it extremely frosty and sticky to the touch. Although part of the smaller sized plants, Tahoe Alien will produce a stalky plant with large, bulky buds that spread out across the branches. It will put off an earthy, pine aroma with hints of citrus. Indoor cultivation is recommended but can also be utilized in an outdoor facility. The vibrant orange pistils will grab your attention to help determine when the plant has matured.

As early as eight weeks, flowering will be complete. Typically this will occur from the end of September for indoor cultivation to the beginning of October for outdoor greenhouses or grows. The final product is a light green color with hints of amber throughout. THC is not the only cannabinoid found in Tahoe Alien. THC levels do test high at 24% but small amounts, 4%, of CBD are also found within this strain. Tahoe Alien is prone to and can suffer from nutrient burn so it is important to pay close attention to the care when cultivating.