Deathstar Clones

Deathstar Clones

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Quick overview

Strain: DeathstarPlant Type: IndicaGenetics: Sensi Star x Sour DieselBreeder: Team DeathstarCut: Team DeathstarFlowering Time: 9-10 weeksHeight: Medium Yield: Above averagePotency:Grow Difficulty: Above average A cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, Deathstar shares both indica and sativa effects. Indica is more dominant in a 4:1 ratio of indica and sativa. Sensi star contributes fruity indica effects while the Sour Diesel...

Strain: Deathstar
Plant Type: Indica Hybrid
Genetics: Sensi Star x Sour Diesel
Breeder: Team Deathstar
Cut: Team Deathstar
Flowering Time: 55 days
Height: Medium
Yield: Above average
Potency: 15-25% THC
Grow Difficulty: Above average 

This potent indica hails from Columbus Ohio where it has been a cash croppers best friend for many years.  It stays squat and throws off a complex terpene profile with hints of earth, chemmy funk and a sweet almost meaty smell.  Expect pretty colors on the flush and big, chunky buds.

This strain is known to be very potent, with a high THC content. Differing from strains that hit hard and fast, this one tends to have a slow onset that takes a little while to set in. Because of its balanced effects, it is a great strain for daytime and nighttime alike.

Dark army green buds cover the plant. Hints of purple can be found on the flower but dominantly the bud is green with dark orange to brown hairs. The dark color comes from both of the parent strains. After you are done handling Deathstar a sticky residue will be left behind with the strong sour fuel, earthy aroma with a lingering scent of sweet lemon. A tip, those growing outside should ensure they do so in a sheltered sunny spot at a time when there is s minimal risk of frost due to the strains sensitivity to temperature. Growers can expect a low and bushy plant with a medium height and yield and small buds at harvest.