Cookies & Cream Flower

Cookies & Cream Flower

  • Categories: Cannabis, Flower, Hybrid, Medical Flower, Smokables

Quick overview

Genetically, this strain is very impressive! Combining the potency of 'Girl Scout Cookies' with the euphoria of 'Starfighter' has resulted in a therapeutic powerhouse that has become a favorite selection among many of Kind Love's customers.

Unknown Cookies x Starfighter f2

A dense bud structure, typical of many Girl Scout Cookies crosses, and dusted in glistening trichomes, Cookies and Cream offers a visually enticing first impression. Starfighter adds some substance to the mix both in terms of bud volume and the coating of star-like trichomes that are typical of the strain. This is a low-yielding plant but one that offers a bigger bang than most upon harvest.

What truly stands out about this strain is the scent. Sweet vanilla and milky notes combined with nutty earthiness comprise a memorable and unique aromatic profile.

A sweet nutty vanilla flavor nuanced with hints of pine gets you in the mood for dessert.

26-31% THC

With potency levels in the upper twenties, less is certainly more. At low doses this strain shines for daytime use. We recommend light activity and gentle stimulation, a walk in the park or a home yoga session are well suited for the general sense of happiness and well-being that it evokes. Cookies & Cream is also ideal for light social use. Users can expect a calm and happy mind that is inspired toward creative thinking alongside a balanced, euphoric body high. This is a great morning strain that will give you just enough zest to blissfully go about your day. However, be careful not to consume too much, at higher doses Cookies & Cream will have you back in bed in a hurry.

Used medically this strain is excellent for those seeking long-lasting effective nausea and pain management. Residual effects of the high can last anywhere from 2-4 hours delivering a steady dose of relief that lasts. The high potency allows for flexibility in use, one hit will be sufficient to mask minor aches and pains whereas higher doses are able to handle more severe cases of discomfort. At high doses Cookies and Cream will effectively combat insomnia. The true hallmark of this strain, however, is the happiness that it inspires. Those suffering from depression will find true mental relief from the calm and happy mental state it offers. Tense or anxious individuals will enjoy the full body euphoria of the strain that has the soothing effect of relaxing muscle tension throughout the body.