Bubba Kush Flower

Bubba Kush Flower

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Quick overview

Thought by many to be one of the biggest building blocks of the last 20 years, 'Bubba Kush' is a legend of its time. Known simply as "Bubba" to many, this beauty has made her way all over the world and been a part of many excellent crosses. If you are a fan of this classic, be sure to check out...

The likely offspring of OG Kush and Bubblegum, Bubba has developed a cult following over the years because of her distinctive flavor profile and overtly indica effects. With tastes ranging from earthy soil and cedar to overt coffee and chocolate, this strain is a hit for anyone looking for a mild, mellow, and delicious tasting indica. Nug appearance is dark with frosty small trichomes covering tight dense light green calyx and light orange to brown pistils. Growers can expect an 8-9 week flowering cycle and moderate yields.

Earthy and pungent essences with warm notes of wood and mocha.

Dark and deep flavors of soil, cedar, chocolate with a sweet coffee aftertaste.


Bubba will certainly couch lock the novice user at first hit due to her indica-heavy body feel. However, those who can get past her stoney high will find themselves feeling inspired and creative from its somewhat euphoric and slightly psychoactive cerebral effects. Still, a heavy body stone is what this strain is known for, making evening to late evening use ideal. Bubba's deeply relaxing euphoria last between 1.5-2 hours. Despite the heavy body feel, users find this strain relaxing more than sedating, offering potency without making the users feel incapacitated or overwhelmed. This is certainly a strain that you can unwind on and is great to combine with a more stimulating indica like Larry OG for enhanced cerebral effects.

Medical Uses
Bubba's primary medical applications can be found in pain relief and insomnia. Users will gently drift into a gentle relaxation that primes the mind and body for rest. Pain throughout the body is effectively reduced by her heavy body sensation. This is a highly effective strain at stimulating the appetite, particularly for those who prefer warmer, savory flavors. Bubba is also wonderful at calming the nervous system, making her a handy friend to have around in the more anxious individual’s arsenal. Bubba is a great strain with which to knock out stress, inspiring a warm and comforting feeling that encapsulates both mind and body.