Bordello Flower

Bordello Flower

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Quick overview

This Texas Resin Company creation might be the most exquisitely complex smelling and tasting strain that we grow at Kind Love. The indica-dominant hybrid is a combination of 'Blackberry Apocalypse' and 'Alexis F2', and the blackberry is evident. This strain is quickly becoming famous all over Colorado, and is a -must try- for any visitor to Kind Love!

Blackberry Apocalypse x Alexis

Kind Love’s Bordello was named the #1 strain in Westword’s annual Top Ten Strains list, and with very good reason. Dark and deep purple tones intertwine golden pistils and sprays of sparkling trichomes that shine like stars in the night sky. Bordellos high terpene content makes a soil medium the recommended means of allowing those deep aromas and flavors to surface.

The flowers put off an incredibly pungent combination of red wine, dark fruits, and earthy soil notes.

Bordello’s flavor lives up to its room-filling aroma, with a sweet berry inhale and grapefruit and raspberry lingering on long after exhale.

17-22% THC

Bordello is a fabulous fall strain, the warmth of its colors and flavors complimenting the robust yet gentle euphoria it evokes. Effects last around 2 hours providing a gentle uplifting quality that is complemented by a balanced dose of relaxation. Mental focus becomes a challenge at any dosage making this strain ideal for activities that cater to a wandering mind such as attending a live music production or art gallery showing. The balanced effects of Bordello are helpful in stabilizing the mood, leaving the user in a state of calm yet active receptivity. True to its indica-dominant designation users can expect a predominance of the terpene myrcene. This provides a light body high and a bit of heaviness behind the eyes, combined with a zip of limonene that contributes to the strains light mental stimulation. This strain is best enjoyed in joint format where blackberry flavors are enhanced on a clean backdrop of raw paper burn.

Medical Uses
Though not the heaviest in terms of effects Bordello is highly adept in treating head pain and relieving pressure behind the eyes. Targeted relief from headaches, migraines and ocular conditions, such as glaucoma, can be expected due to the strains muscle relaxing and pressure relieving qualities. Nausea is lessened by its aromatic, appetizing notes of dark fermented fruit, which can help stimulate the appetite for both sweet and savory foods. Bordello’s ability to bring the user into the present moment makes it ideal for anti-anxiety applications. The strain’s tendency to derail linear thought processes allows it to effectively combat worried or negative trains of thought.