East Coast Sour Diesel Clones

East Coast Sour Diesel Clones

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Quick overview

Strain: East Coast Sour Diesel Plant Type: SativaGenetics: Original Diesel x DNLBreeder: NoneCut: Clone onlyFlowering Time: 10-11 weeksHeight: TallYield: HighPotency:Grow Difficulty: HardThe only known parent of this sativa-dominant strain is Sour Diesel. It is a powerful strain that should be consumed in low doses for new patients. Testing between 19.7% and 21%, the effects might be too strong for someone...

Strain: East Coast Sour Diesel
Plant Type: Sativa
Genetics: Original Diesel x DNL
Breeder: None
Cut: Clone only
Flowering Time: 60 + days
Height: Tall
Yield: High
Potency: 15-25%
Grow Difficulty: Hard

All Diesels are considered to be based on old Mexican sativas that came into the US in the 70’s and 80’s.  This diesel is a great example of “diesel” structure with strong side branching and medium stretch.  An uplifting sativa high and above average yields await both indoor and outdoor growers.

Unlike most strains which are a cross between two or more parent strains, this strain has only one parent; Sour Diesel. The breeder, Dr. Greenthumb, decided to cross carefully selected strains of Sour Diesel, designing, in his mind, the perfect strain that carries the best qualities of the parent strain.

East Coast Sour Diesel is an incredibly potent, intense sativa-dominant strain. Much more potent, in fact, than the parent strain. Known for its fast mood lifting ability, this strain is recommended for anyone in need of a quick, strong burst of energy and an equally strong (nearly overwhelming) head rush and body buzz. Because of the immediate and incredibly intense effects, this strain is recommended only for experienced cannabis users. If you are a novice user, it is recommended that you start with a very small dose.

These lime green buds have the density of foxtails; they are very light and airy. The large plant produces a crystal-coated bud. Upon first look, the dark amber hairs are what will stick out. The aroma is that of diesel genetics, a pungent scent of diesel mixed with sour lemony hints. Once inhaled one will taste a strong presence of pine and gasoline. This plant performs best outdoors and is even resistant to cooler outdoor temperatures. Growers can expect a good yield with high THC content.