Ice Wax

Ice wax is cannabis concentrate and looks like thick honey with a wax-like appearance. Wax can reach a high concentration of THC, sometimes exceeding 80%. Making wax highly powerful and impactful.

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Ice Wax is solventless concentrate made by separating the trichomes from the fresh-frozen raw plant material, using ice water and agitation, and then collecting them. These trichomes are dense with THC and other psychoactive compounds, some of which may not be present in BHO due to their different structures and solubility properties.

Immediately after harvest, we freeze the plant material and then use artisan methods to sift and collect the trichomes from the plant material —passing the plant matter through a series of screens that separate particles by size. As the heads of the trichomes fall through the smallest screen, they are collected to form the finest grade of what’s called “blonde hash,” as the milky heads of the trichomes typically produce an off-white color. The trichomes are sized, then sorted and dried. We select the 70-90 µ size to be packaged into the best “full-melt” Kama Ice Wax, and it is stored chilled until sold.

Ice Wax is used in various ways. You can “dab” it, vape it in a concentrate vaporizer, or even sprinkle it on your joint or bowl for a more intense experience.