Toast CBD Prerolls - 2 pack

Toast CBD Prerolls - 2 pack

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Toast is a luxury, lifestyle Cannabis brand that provides a sophisticated consumer a mature, social and responsible Cannabis experience, more akin to Champagne.

Toast’s Slice smokes, which the company claims are the first professionally manufactured marijuana cigarettes, contain 6 percent concentration of THC - less than 10 percent of the THC of your average joint.

If you want the nice buzz of marijuana without getting totally stoned, and if you want to do it in luxury, Toast Slice is a great option.

The packaging is luxurious. Toast’s marijuana cigarette packs are black with embossed art-deco designs. “Toast” written in gold italics. The cigarettes, called “Slices,” come 10 to a pack. with the purple filter tip, a gold butterfly and gold text where the purple ends. The branding was inspired by 1920s cigarette cases.

The Slice contains a proprietary 100% Cannabis blend and is manufactured using a complex and proprietary process. Due to the moderate THC content,  Slice can be consumed in its entirety by one person. You can say that one puff of a Slice is like a sip of a cocktail, and an entire Slice is the equivalent of a full drink.  This new currency enables consumers to regulate their intake and consume responsibly.

Toast is committed to responsible consumption practices providing a uniform and predictable experience, allowing users.