Pure Love Flower

Pure Love Flower

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Quick overview

Pure Love is pure medicine. This wonderful 1:1 CBD:THC selection offers balanced effects that make this one of the most versatile strains on our shelves. A great option for those who smoke cannabis primarily for its therapeutic benefits.

Purple Diesel x Uzbekistani Hash Plant x Pure Kush

This high-CBD strain is the lovechild Kind Love’s Purple Diesel and an Uzbekistani Hash Plant and Pure Kush. Combined you get a medically focused strain with pleasantly calming and lightly psychedelic LA Confidential undertones. Appearance is dense with fresh green tones and bright orange pistils caked in sugary trichomes. Growers can expect a flowering period of 8-9 weeks and average yields.

Chocolate and lavender with hints of cherry.

Smooth and the lightly acidic flavor of fresh soil and cherry.

7-12% CBD / 5-10% THC

Pure Love is a strain that gently takes hold of the present moment and allows you to relax. At first hit, you experience its body numbing effect that simultaneously redirects your focus to the present task at hand. This is a highly focused, functional, clear-headed strain without losing its ability to calm and relax. Although flavor is reduced on high-CBD strains the smoke is nonetheless smooth and lends itself particularly well to vaporizing. Pure Love inspires a future-forward mental state making it a great choice for busy individuals who want the cannabis experience without feeling incapacitated in any way. This strain can be used at any time of the day for a gentle dose of serenity while maintaining the ability to stay on task.

Medical Uses
Pure Love induces a pleasant emotional state. It can balance emotions without sedating or clouding the mind, making this a wonderful option for treating both anxiety and depression. Its medicine is uplifting and active without leading to tension or restlessness, even at higher doses. Women are particularly drawn to this strain because of its ability to numb the body and mask symptoms of PMS. CBD rich strains are excellent at reducing inflammation and muscle tension, providing highly targeted relief from menstrual cramps. The latter benefits also make this an exceptional strain for post-workout recovery or relief from high-impact sports. Pain becomes a distant memory, while the mind becomes focused on the present moment. Despite its somewhat mentally stimulating effects, users will find that Pure Love is a great strain to transition into sleep. Those with sleep problems are suggested to combine its medicine with a more narcotic indica like Grape Ape. Overall, Pure Love offers a potent dose of relief without the inactivity.