Pura Vida Flower

Pura Vida Flower

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Quick overview

"Pura Vida" literally translates as “pure life”, but the true message behind this Latin expression is one of perpetual optimism and enjoying all of the goodness that life has to offer. A puff of 'Pura Vida' is like a walk in the park on a clear day... nothing but sunshine and blue skies from this lesser-known, light-bodied indica.

L.A. Pure Kush x Appalachia


Pure Vida is an incredibly rare strain, adored by cannabis connoisseurs for its high concentrate yield. From breeder Bodhi Seeds, Pure Vida is indica-dominant, coming in at 70% indica, 30% sativa.

The buds are small, minty green, with vibrant green leaves, and a heavy coating of trichomes.


Predominately pine with notes of skunk, earth and lemon.


Fruity citrus with a bit of pine.


If you want a potent, completely body and mind-numbing strain, Pure Vida is the strain for you. Before you consume Pure Vida, it’s important to remember to not underestimate the potency of this strain. The high tends to be quite a creeper. You’ll feel nothing at first, and then ever so slowly, you’ll notice a tingling sensation in your neck and back. From there, it hits hard and fast, and before you know it, you’ll be totally sedated and in an intense state of couch lock.

Pure Vida effects last for hours, where you’ll feel totally numb, with a completely full-bodied stone that takes over, leaving you with no worries, and with even the slightest amount of awareness.

Because of its potency and long-lasting effects, this strain is recommended for experienced users only.

Medical Uses
The sedating effects of Pure Vida make it an exceptional choice for those suffering from insomnia. Because it leaves the body relaxed and totally numb, it’s ideal for anyone with any type of aches or pains, and even muscle spasms.