KAMA - Ice Wax - Louis XIII - 1g

KAMA - Ice Wax - Louis XIII - 1g

  • Categories: Cannabis, Concentrates, Ice Wax, Wax / Budder

Extraordinary Flavor and Incomparable Purity

Ice Wax is a concentrate of cannabis, derived by submerging the cannabis in a bath of ice and water. Under cold conditions, the trichomes become brittle and separate from the cannabis readily with gentle agitation. The water used is then strained through progressively finer meshes, which separate out the trichomes into individual yields based on their size. The yields are then wicked of their moisture and spread thinly on sheets to cure in a cool, dry environment. The end result is a potent, flavorful concentrate  produced without the use of hydrocarbon solvents.

Truly a royal smoke... 'Louis XIII' has enjoyed a longer reign than its namesake due to its reputation for potency and marked sedating effects. This regal strain is graced with notes of earth and spice, combined with that classic and coveted 'OG' flavor.

Spiced Earth, Citrus and Pine Aromas with Floral and Lemon-Lime Flavors

With origins in southern California, Louis XIII is thought to have come about as a crossbreed of OG Kush and LA Confidential. Louis XIII nugs possess a classically OG appearance, small, dense and light green with orange pistils and honeyed trichomes. Growers can expect a 63-day growing cycle and abundant, quality yield. This strain is best reserved for intermediate to advanced growers.

An abundance of pine and spiced earth compliments fresh notes of citrus.

Classic sweet and sour lemon-lime flavors with floral undertones and hints of kushy musk.


This heavy indica-dominant heavy hybrid has been a favorite phenotype of OG Kush connoisseurs for decades. Much of the acclaim lies in the strain’s relaxing yet uplifting mental kick which melts into a long-lasting full-body buzz. Although at onset this strain offers pleasantly spacey mind-warping cerebrals, what truly stand about her medicine is the blissfully seductive full-body relaxation she provides. Louis XIII is equal parts euphoria, calm and drowsiness making her the perfect precursor to an evening of rest, recovery and relaxation. Late evening use is suggested due to her marked narcotic effects. Her gentle euphoria will make you not want to leave the house, so get settled for a movie and some snacking on this lovely lazy indica.

Medical Uses
Louis XII shines in any circumstance that calls for deep sedation. Users find her heavy body high exceptionally soothing, making this one of the best strains for insomnia. Combined with a cleanly sedating strain like Afghani will ensure that Louis XII’s pleasant cerebrals won’t keep the mind engaged although most who use Louis XIII for sleeplessness don’t find this to be a problem at higher doses. This is also a fabulous option for those suffering from anxiety. Nothing soothes the nervous system quite like a potent dose of her sublime medicine. What is best about this strain is its ability to distract the mind and ground the user in their body. Body awareness is enhanced with this strain, while any discomfort is pleasantly masked. All one is left with is her pleasantly euphoric full body buzz. For this reason, Louis XIII can effectively reduce muscle tension and muscle spasms. Athletic recovery is enhanced on this strain, particularly when combined with a high CBD option.