Flo Clones

Flo Clones

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Quick overview

Strain: FloPlant Type: Indica Dominant HybridGenetics: Floral Thai f2 x Floral Thai f6Breeder: DJ Short Cut: From seed (Colorado cut)Flowering Time: 8-9 weeksHeight: ShortYield: HighPotency:Grow Difficulty: EasyFlo is a cross of a number of exotic landrace strains that were experimented upon by the legendary DJ Short to result in a strain with Sativa phenotype qualities that also matures early like...

Strain: Flo
Plant Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Genetics: Floral Thai f2 x Floral Thai f6
Breeder: DJ Short
Cut: From seed (Colorado cut)
Flowering Time: 50 days
Height: Short
Yield: High
Potency: 15-25%
Grow Difficulty: Easy

A Colorado classic!  Sweet indica buds on a short, fast flowering plant make for a fantastic addition to the garden.  A very unique floral smell awaits you every time you crack the jar.  Expect tight internodes and a lot of leaf.

Flo is just slightly sativa-dominant, coming in at 60% sativa and 40% indica. Bred by Dutch Passion and later propagated by DJ Short, this is a very distinctive variation of a hybrid strain of medical marijuana. This strain was created by crossing Afghani Indica with Purple Thai, and was rated #1 at Cannabis Cup in 1996. 

Named for its incredible ability to harvest multiple times (thus creating a “flo” of buds,) this strain is considered to be one of the higher yielding plants.

This is a plant that shines outdoors, especially when harvested in a series of spurts. By harvesting to expose new growth with each sweep, harvest can be drawn out all the way through the end of November if weather conditions allow. Outdoors the first buds will ripen around the third week of September and indoors the buds will fully mature at the end of the sixth week of growth. Greenhouse production is especially ideal for this strain.