Incredibles - Original Sour Gummies - 100mg

Incredibles - Original Sour Gummies - 100mg

  • Categories: Cannabis, Edibles, Sweets

Incredibles Sour Gummies are deliciously sweet and tangy gummies that feature a non-medicated sour pack inside to pick your level of sour. Choose your experience. Select your sour! Their alluring aroma and tender chewiness are extremely tempting, especially when infused with cannabis. They’re exclusively made with sustainable oils (save the orangutans!) and are gluten-free.  

Available at Kind Love Retail Stores in assorted flavors and strains: Tangerine, Blue Raspberry, and Grape. Indica, sativa, or hybrid.

Each gummy has 10 mg THC (featuring safe, e-portion dosing squares), for a total of 100 mg THC per container.

*Dosing and edibles education is important to us. Remember to start low (10 mg at most) and wait at least two hours. Always consume responsibly.