O.pen Pure CO2 Oil High CBD Spectrum 12

O.pen Pure CO2 Oil High CBD Spectrum 12

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O.penVAPE has been a leader in plant extraction and education since 2012. Six owners of dispensaries and growers came together to meet the demand for high-quality oils and vapes. To adhere to the need for a healthier alternative to smoking vapes, the group created a safe and consistent product line cannabis enthusiasts enjoy. O.Pen Vape is found in states where medical marijuana is legal. From east coast to west coast, O.pen is a national brand of CO2 products and service licensing to medical and recreational dispensaries. 

Each vape cartridge is prefilled with a variety of different strains, indicasativa, hybrid and a recently launched, CBD. The use of a CO2 extraction method evaporates some of the main terpene profiles in each strain. Since many of the terpenes are lost throughout the process, most of the pens generally taste the same. Every batch of cannabis oil is lab tested to ensure quality product leaves the facility every time. 

The team at O.pen has given estimates that their cartridges have 120mg of active cannabinoids per .3g. Dispensaries are able to provide their own flower that O.pen will run into cannabis oil. In order for the dispensary to get their material run, they must reach certain growth yields. The O.pen is simple to use. There is no button, all you have to do is attach the cartridge and inhale. An LED light will turn on the bottom of the pen when in use. After 8 seconds of inhaling the pen will automatically stop vaporizing product. O.Pen Vape and its development teams; Organa Labs and Bakked, create a quality vape pen for the market. 

Extraction Method
In a partnership with Organa Labs, the use of a butane hash oil extraction method is put into place. A supercritical carbon dioxide extraction creates oil with a honey-like consistency. Its properties display those both of a gas and a liquid, therefore, no matter how much pressure it endures it will not compress into a liquid. In a closed-loop system, material is pumped in a high-pressure stainless steel cylinder that separates the cannabinoids and terpenes. Once separated, ethanol and cold temperatures will remove any plant cuticles. This ensures the end product is free of everything put cannabinoids and terpenes.