CannaPunch Sons of Sativa Grape

CannaPunch Sons of Sativa Grape

  • Categories: Beverages, Cannabis, Edibles

True to our commitment to healthier choices, Kind Love carries Cannapunch. It’s an infused beverage with emulsified cannabis extract from whole-buds only and is vegan, non-carbonated, gluten, soy, and corn syrup free. It’s refreshing, healthy, discreet, and unlike many traditional edibles, it won’t melt or go stale.

Drinkable cannabinoids are just as effective as those found in solid edibles. With solids, as with infused beverages, THC becomes 11-Hydroxy-THC after passing through the stomach and liver, rather than delta-9-THC. It’s the delta-9-THC that enters directly into the bloodstream when it is smoked, causing a completely different effect.

The advantage of a drinkable is that you can simply shake or stir your drink to ensure homogenous distribution of THC, something that cannot be done with a solid edible.

Available at Kind Love retail stores in multiple flavors: Black Cherry, Blue Raz, Grand Daddy Grape, Pine-Mango, and Watermelon.