Much Love At KindLove

I must say Kindlove takes the prize as being one of most professional and upscale establishments in the Denver area. The stores modern laid back vibe goes hand in hand with the expert modern advice you get from the staff. The med’s are exceptional , all handled and laid out by some of the kindest bud tenders in the industry. Also I have seen some posts below say the prices are a bit high. First off they are very reasonable flat out as the quality is above average but if you take advantage of the member discount and the punch card system you can save quite a bit .I have found i actually save money at KindLove vs other shops if I take advantage of all the killer discounts they offer. I have to say again this is one place that really sets the bar. If you are a noob to all this you couldn’t find a better place to go. Compassion, intelligence and quality is what you will find at KindLove . Oh and try the Jillybean if they have it in stock, out freakin standing.