Great Staff, Awesome Selection of Cannabis Meds

I’ve been to a great many dispensaries over the years since the Medical scene broke out. I’ve seen the good, but I’ve also seen my fair share of the bad. More than most. However, Kind Love really stands out among the other shops around town because of their great selection of meds and also their awesome staff.

Every time I go in for meds, the staff greets me by my first name before they’ve even looked at their computer screens to check me in. They really take the time to get to know you and the reasons you’re medicating. I’ve had trips that lasted over an hour because they made sure to patiently answer all of my questions and also match up the correct medicine for my particular ailment. This isn’t the kind of shop where you walk in and explain what you’re medicating for and they ignore you all together, handing you a random jar instead and saying, “Here, this is dank”. Although, I always make sure to ask what the staff is smoking on recently, and I’ve found some of my favorite strains that way. Their security crew is also awesome. They are not intimidating or make you feel like you shouldn’t be there like some of the dispensaries around Denver I’ve visited. Normally when I come in, they ask me if I’d like something to drink and make me feel right at home. Once you’re done, they walk you out to your car to make sure you’re safe. I’ve even been escorted out with an Umbrella before while it was raining. From start to finish they make you feel more like a friend than a customer. This cannot, however, overshadow the main reason to come to a dispensary; The meds.

I was so impressed with Kind Love’s medication that after a few visits, I decided to sign them over as my caregiver. Not only were the members benefits a great bonus, but their selection is next to none. It’s not uncommon to go into a dispensary and find one or two really nice strains, but the rest (if there is more), is crap. If you build a strain tolerance like myself, that is a major downside. Kind Love however has a balanced selection of Indica’s, Sativa’s and Hybrids which makes it simple to find something that works for me. They also have a large selection of edibles, sodas, literature, hash concentrates (budder is my favorite!), vapes / pipes and other merchandise. It sort of has become my one stop place for anything MMJ, whether it’s advice for my grow, meds or a little friendly social interaction.

I wont lie, I have seen places with lower prices on buds. However, that old adage is true: You get what you pay for. It’s obvious that the buds here have been grown properly, as well cured correctly and are hand trimmed. All too many times I’ve seen beautiful medicine destroyed by trimming machines. Not the case here. The staff also has test results for most of their buds on hand so you know exactly what you’re getting. While some places I’ve been to advertise $25 1/8th’s, or $5 happy dirt (What the hell is happy dirt? Dirt makes me sad), it turns out you can only get that price on *select*, *crappy* buds, or its all shake. Even Kind Love’s lower end strains look better than most. I once asked why one of their lower shelf priced strains was in that category when it looked as nice as it did. I was told that there was an immature seed pod that they found and that was the reason. A quick second glance at the menu and the strain was clearly labeled (lightly seeded). Not only did I appreciate the heads up, but I appreciate that they made it known to everyone. When I got home I sampled the medication and it was still amazing. Out of 7 g’s of meds, I found two immature pods that didn’t even contain a seed. Not only that, I got an even better deal on that bud because of that tiny issue. Their top tier stuff is always amazing and priced for good reason. I feel like a lot of people who just recently started smoking like to complain about the prices. However, in all the time I’ve been smoking the usual price was $50 1/8th. When the medical boom started, I saw 1/8ths from $50 to $70 on the regular. Kind Love doesn’t charge more than $50 1/8th for even their best medicine like the Golden Goat or O.G. Tahoe.

The higher priced medicine is curbed by their punch cards ($200 gets you $25 off your meds, which adds up quickly), members pricing and friend referrals. They also run sales regularly and do members appreciation days.

Anyways, I apologize for the long winded review. But as I sit here, smoking this joint of Super Lemon Haze, feeling as great as I currently do, I had to write and give Kind Love some love of their own.

Keep up the great work guys.