Hands Down, the Best in Denver… Maybe all of CO

If there’s a better dispensary in the area, someone please let me know! I’ve been to so many dispensary’s in the Denver area & not one of them comes close to the quality of meds & the knowledgeable staff that Kind Love has. I have never left Kind Love disappointed. The staff knows that I have a ridiculously high tolerance & will steer me to the meds that will work for me. There are times I’ve gone in because I’ve seen a great strain listed on the menu, only to be steered to a strain that suits my tolerance level better then what I went in for. Nothing bums me out more than picking up a strain & then finding out once you get home that it’s just not that strong. Kind Love’s staff ALWAYS steers me in the right direction for my needs. They’re not just out to make a sale; they’re there to help you get what you need/want. Sure, the prices may be a tad bit higher than some other dispensaries, but for the few extra $’s you get the quality you’re searching for. All the bud I’ve seen there has been cured correctly – no hay-like smelling meds here – they take the time to cure it correctly, (something a lot of dispensaries don’t do, since it takes a little extra time). Did I mention the selection?? They always have a large selection – no one should leave there empty handed with all they have to offer.

There’s 1 other dispensary I’ll visit in Denver if they have the strain I’m looking for & 2 in Boulder, (when I make it up there), but Kind Love remains my “go to” dispensary. It please even the snobbiest of snobs.