Wow, thanks, Kind Love, for your great vibes and friendly help today! Awesome, in every way, Matt, Amy, Jon, and Ron!

I am from Boulder, but just came back from ten years in Tokyo, now living in the Cherry Creek area and studying Traditional Chinese Medicine uptown, and have been dreaming of locating a new, nice, nearby source of herbal happiness. Today, I went in to Kind Love and found it.

The staff are all so friendly and endearing, from door to door and even outside (Ron will hang on the lawn and enjoy engaging in some really kind, cool, and intellectual chatting with you even as the wind blows down the chilly drizzle of a new storm rolling in!), they really strive to connect and deliver quality at every level.

The selection is truly incredible, but more important than that is knowing the staff have the ability to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for, even if it’s something you might not know you want until they have artfully steered you around to it. They can tell you every aspect of what they are suggesting, too, and yet they don’t apply any pressure whatsoever. It’s really a very casual and ultimately enlightening experience — and I must say, having now tried the two strains I picked up today, Golden Goat and Glass Slipper, they are showing me exactly what I was told to expect and anticipate. What a wonderful feeling THAT is these days!

Since the tiniest tufts of each type of bud yielded such a clean, healthy feel of mind-expanding power, I am satisfied that I truly get my money’s worth here, and indeed, considering the staff, service, and atmosphere, well past it!

— Oh, and I should also mention that a deliciously long and tasty set of Van Morrison played on the sound system at a very comfortable level while I was in there, and that was a treat. This place knows how to be what I had only dreamed of in a dispensary till now…