Hear What Our Customers Say About Kind Love Marijuana Dispensary

Such HIGH Standards Now

This was one of the first dispensaries I visited when I got my card and WOW did it set my standards high, soooooo very high :)… You see because it was the first place I visited I thought all dispensaries were going to be similar; this turned out to be an incorrect assumption.

After getting my card I soon figured out that first time visitors to a place get free stuff…so I began a dispensary tour of the greater Denver area collecting all the freebies I could, figuring I was gunna buy medicine anyway so just went to a different place each time. Most places had decent flower medicine at similar prices with various quantities/qualities of edibles and concentrates, after a while I formed the opinion that there were only about 3 “High End” dispensaries in town with tons of “standard” places all over town and a sprinkling “questionable” places that we should all avoid.

Kind Love is one of the “high end” dispensaries that simply has it all!!!! The staff is Kind, attentive, knowledgeable, and professional. The selection is AWESOME with the every bit of the medicine being A+ or above. I’m a bud snob, if it’s not A+ then it’s not worth my time (past me would hate future me for that comment…but dang it past me could never go to Kind Love either). They have various price points but I find the quality to be pretty similar across the board with pricing seeming more dependent on the rarity of the strain.

They have some of the best hash selections around (remember I’ve been to A LOT of places) and prices that just can’t be compared vs. the quality…everyone can trust my opinion because I LOVE the hash and nobody has better….. other places have similar potency/quality but will typically cost WAY more.

It’s also nice to ask a question and get a very knowledgeable answer about the product your about to purchase.Plus after you purchase all your items you get to walk out with Ron….what a chill dude!

I promise if you take a trip to Kind Love you will not be disappointed.