These guys are really something else. They’ve got it down pat. Great security and not to forget great buds and lab tested. There is one strain in specific that helps with nonstop back spasms from low back surgery which is Jedi Kush. You would expect huge buds because of the quality that Kind Love tries and maintains, but these buds come in little whitish-gold tricomb dust just about covering the actually bud. Whether its indo or cannabis this is it for back spasms or any back injury in my opinion. I went to an herbalist once and the way she had me be prescribed by smelling each of her pre capsulated caplets and if they smelled good in comparison to the others then go with that one. So, a lot of the times that’s the philosophy I mostly use when there are so many to choose from then thats the way to solve a bud toss up. Thanx KLMMJD you have been so good to me and not to forget the secretaries who are also wonderful!! See ya in a few for a refill.