We believe everyone should smoke quality herb. For this reason we like to appeal to shoppers at a variety of price points. Alongside daily rotating specials on our Recreational side, we have Medical Members day on the first Wednesday of every month, and an exclusive monthly special for those who purchase a coupon book. Not enough savings? Every day we offer a rotating strain on special and offer a variety of discounts to qualifying shoppers. Check out these discount opportunities and take advantage! Become a Medical Member: “Members” at Kind Love are those medical marijuana patients who have designated Kind Love, LLC as their Primary Medical Marijuana Center. By naming Kind Love or any other MMC (Medical Marijuana Center) as your Provider you are giving them the right to grow a certain percentage of the 6 or more plants you have been allotted by your physician and the state of Colorado. Plants can be split amongst one Provider or Caregiver and the patient. The process is simple, easy and quick! The Notary Public at Kind Love will help you complete the 1 page Change of Patient Records Form. This form must be Notarized and mailed to the Registry with a copy of the patient’s Colorado ID or out of state ID and proof of Colorado residency. The Change of Patient Records form goes into effect immediately, allowing you to receive your Member Benefits same day! Industry Members: Please provide us with your Support or Key Badge and receive Member pricing. Medical Members of Kind Love enjoy 10 – 20% off of all everything from flowers to edibles to vaporizers to books! Signing up is easy and can be done at the Center. Check our website for full details and speak with a Kind Love staff member if you are interested. Do You Qualify For Our Compassionate Cannabis Program? Kind Love provides special pricing for patients that qualify: United States Armed Forces Veterans: Please provide us with a Veteran ID or discharge papers to receive 10-15% off depending on membership status. Seniors: If you are 65 years old or older enjoy 10-15% off depending on membership status. Terminally Ill: Please provide us with your Physician’s Certificate to receive $10 grams of cannabis and 30% off of non-smokables. (Restrictions apply) Frequent Shopper Rewards: Kind Love is happy to offer patients two different punch cards to be utilized according to patient needs. We have a physical Ounce Punch Card and Virtual Punch Card available for patients to save! Ounce Punch Card: For each ounce your purchase you earn one punch. Eight punches will fill the card and earn you a half price ounce on your next visit! Virtual Punch Card: Earn store credit on non-discounted purchases. The more points you save the more you will earn in store credit! Earn 100 points for each dollar you spend and receive 15% off your next purchase just for signing up to the program. View available rewards and sign up for the program at MyPatronRewards.com/KindLove Rewards Program Benefits: If you refer a friend to our loyalty program you will receive 20% off of your next order! Make sure your friend knows your name or phone number so that the discount can be applied to your account. Other benefits include a penny birthday pre-roll and 500 points for each thoughtful review you leave online (Limit 1 review per website, per patient). We rely heavily on patient feedback and word of mouth to guide our practices. Spread the word about Kind Love and write us a review one on of the many networks we participate: WeedMaps CannabisSearch PotLocator DenverDispensaries Google Leafly Facebook Yelp StickeyGuide Twitter THCFinder DopeDirectory