Tahoe OG Kush Cannabis

Tahoe OG Kush Cannabis

One of the best representations of 'OG Kush' qualities in the cannabis world today. This classic 'OG' has the kind of taste that keeps you coming back for more, even if it doesn't have over-the-top indica effects. One of Kind Love's best sellers since we've been in existence, this is one strain that cannot be missed!

Abundantly Flavorful with Menthol, Berry and Earthy Tones

The lovechild of legendary indica William’s Wonder and powerful sativa-dominant Cinderella 99, Lucinda Williams has become a well-sought strain across Colorado. Bud structure is dense, round and compact with light green calyx contrasting red pistils and candied white trichomes. Growers can expect generous growth with an upper medium yield.

Essences of berry, menthol with earthy undertones.

Abundant notes of mixed berry with soil and menthol on the exhale.


This fine lady’s effects are warm and engaging. Her sativa dominance offers potent cerebrals that will keep you lightly energized and on task all while wrapping you up in an aura of calm and serenity. Creativity and inspiration are enhanced on her lovely, happy and uplifting high. This is the perfect strain to accompany you on a night out. A highly social strain, Lucinda is sure to get you in the mood for a concert, party, comedy show or any other public outing. Her high THC content has the effect of enhancing the palette, making this an optimal strain for a gourmet dinner date without impeding conversation or inducing sedation. Her flavor is so potent that Lucinda produces some of the best hash on the Kind Love shelf.

Medical Uses
Lucinda is a great strain to stimulate appetite, particularly among those who prefer sweet berry flavors. Her relaxing yet subtly stimulating effects make her an uplifting selection for those suffering from depression. Her energetic effects can be described as possessing a more “inspiring” than “racy” feel, making this a good sativa selection for individuals with more sensitive nervous systems who intentionally avoid that “caffeinated” feeling. Lucina is a wonderful morning and daytime strain that won’t lead to burnout, even at high doses. Head pains and other light pains throughout the body will be masked, although we recommend combining Lucinda with a heavy indica like Grape Ape or Louis XIII when seeking more potent full-body relief. Lucinda is a highly functional strain known for her impressive cerebrals but capable of relaxing the user just enough to maintain her appeal among more sativa-sensitive consumers. A long history of tinkering with OG Kush genetics has led to the crafting of a superb heavy-hitter. The off spring of a classic OG Kush lineage combined with highly coveted San Fernando Valley OG Kush genetics has produced a plant of medium height with rounded buds and fluffy calyx. This strain has been bred for indoor growing and requires a slightly longer maturation time of 10 weeks. Intermediate skills are recommended to really get the strains genetics to shine. Aroma Notes of earthy pine forest and pungent skunk. Flavor Listerine, leather, and lemon flavors with hints of fuel. Potency 18-25% Effects Offering heavy indica effects with a zing of sativa euphoria, Tahoe is a strain best reserved for our more “advanced” smokers. Such potent sedation can be somewhat overwhelming to first-time or novice users. Tahoe is a strain best reserved for late evening use due to its narcotic mental effects and heavy-handed dose of full body relaxation. This is truly a couch-locking strain that will absorb any excess energy in preparation for rest. Activities like watching a movie (that you don’t mind falling asleep to…), taking a bath or getting a massage are well-suited for this strain. Medical Uses Relaxation, above all, is what Tahoe inspires in its user. Muscle pain and stiffness is reduced and heavy eyelids make way to a sedated and peaceful mental and emotional state. Those seeking Tahoe for medical use are primarily using the strain to combat stress and insomnia. Sleeplessness can be addressed at both low and high doses once the first hit of euphoria has been given a half-hour or so to dissipate. Those seeking respite from pain and discomfort need not look further. Tahoe’s heavy-handed nature will coat the body in a warm, numbing blanket of relief. Those looking to enhance their pain relief regimen are recommended to combine Tahoe with a high CBD strain like Z7. Tahoe will provide sedation and a heavy body sensation while Z7 will reduce pain related to inflammation and give the use a slight uplift.

Pure awesomeness

Can't say enough to express how quality the flower is here. As a flower consumer, the popularity of extractions has led to a lack of flower first dispensaries. I hold no prejudice towards extracts (I love the occasional dab) and I'm sure with flower this quality to start with, their extractions are out of this world. Looking forward to a future wax purchase for sure. Legit genetics here, my friends. Real clone-only strains and phenotypes that any grower would love to get their hands on. For a place that is always busy and seems to move a ton of product, it's refreshing to see that quality medicine is still a priority of Kind Love. Well done!

Still My Favorite Dispensary!!

Kind Love was one of the first dispensaries I visited when I got my med card and to this day they always deliver and truly care about the patients. The meds are some of the best in Denver and you can't beat their clone selection!! Everything at Kind Love is of the highest quality!

Always Amazing!

I have literally traveled all over Colorado; on the quest to find MMJ that is as amazing as our mountain view. Finally by chance I found a secret spot ... Yes Kind Love it's you. I am treated with respect by everyone that works at Kind Love and the Flower is beyond compare. I have tried just about every flavor there, but we all have our favorites ... Alien Rock Candy (you are a dream) Bordello ( Like a fine wine) ... have got to be my favorites. If their are any doubts about this place erase them ... This place is the real deal!

I appreciate the staff at kind love

Kind Love is awesome. I have never left disappointed. Their meds are top of the line, and they always have a great selection. On top of their premium medicine kind love also has excellent staff members that make sure patients have a good experience while visiting with kind love. Everybody there knows my name and they make me feel like they are happy to help me. Thanks kind love I appreciate you guys.