At Cannabis Maximus, their goal is to maximize the user experience. As extractors, their aim is to take raw cannabis material and concentrate the essence of the plant, while leaving behind things that don't contribute to the experience, such as cellulose, plant waxes and other lipids. Cannabis produces cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD and CBN, among others, combined with aroma compounds like terpenes and flavonoids which produce the unique character of each strain. Different strains have different amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes, which combine to produce the varying aromas you smell and the effects that are felt.
Cannabis Maximus uses extreme care in the material they select, because no extraction company can concentrate anything which isn't there to begin with. They prepare the material specifically for the task at hand, whether using fresh frozen material for their Full Spectrum Extracts or dried, cured material for their our other concentrates.
Everyone at Cannabis Maximus takes extreme pride in the products they produce, and would never make anything they wouldn't consume themselves. If something doesn't turn out right, they work with their suppliers to come to solutions that everyone is happy with, without releasing sub-par product. It's through this extreme attention to detail, knowledge of cannabis chemistry, and pride in their work that they provide you with an experience that is cannabis at its best, without any of the harmful byproducts of combustion.

Extraction Method
Their extraction team uses top of the line equipment, combined with extraction processes and solvent blends which are tailored to concentrate as many active ingredients as possible. Their purging procedures remove residual solvents to far below just the required levels set by the state. During the packaging process, they use a minimalistic approach to handling to keep the concentrates they produce smelling and tasting just like the starting material. Different terpenes evaporate at different rates, and only through extreme care do they consistently achieve extracts that preserve the character of the plant fully.

Pure awesomeness

Can't say enough to express how quality the flower is here. As a flower consumer, the popularity of extractions has led to a lack of flower first dispensaries. I hold no prejudice towards extracts (I love the occasional dab) and I'm sure with flower this quality to start with, their extractions are out of this world. Looking forward to a future wax purchase for sure. Legit genetics here, my friends. Real clone-only strains and phenotypes that any grower would love to get their hands on. For a place that is always busy and seems to move a ton of product, it's refreshing to see that quality medicine is still a priority of Kind Love. Well done!

I appreciate the staff at kind love

Kind Love is awesome. I have never left disappointed. Their meds are top of the line, and they always have a great selection. On top of their premium medicine kind love also has excellent staff members that make sure patients have a good experience while visiting with kind love. Everybody there knows my name and they make me feel like they are happy to help me. Thanks kind love I appreciate you guys.

Always Amazing!

I have literally traveled all over Colorado; on the quest to find MMJ that is as amazing as our mountain view. Finally by chance I found a secret spot ... Yes Kind Love it's you. I am treated with respect by everyone that works at Kind Love and the Flower is beyond compare. I have tried just about every flavor there, but we all have our favorites ... Alien Rock Candy (you are a dream) Bordello ( Like a fine wine) ... have got to be my favorites. If their are any doubts about this place erase them ... This place is the real deal!

Still My Favorite Dispensary!!

Kind Love was one of the first dispensaries I visited when I got my med card and to this day they always deliver and truly care about the patients. The meds are some of the best in Denver and you can't beat their clone selection!! Everything at Kind Love is of the highest quality!