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Gums and mints are perfect to take on the go, and are useful for those occasions when you simply want to take a healthier approach to your cannabis consumption. These products truly shine when you just need that added boost of cannabis to regulate your current state. What’s best about micro-dosing is that it allows you to customize and build your cannabis experience. Not a fan of that strain you’re smoking? Keep your favorite strain on hand in mint or gum form and you’ll never have a cannabis experience you can’t modify to your preference. Another ideal situation is waking up at night and needing that extra push to get you back to sleep. A mint will allow you to bypass that midnight sugary edible snack or bowl pack, and have you back in a state of slumber without leaving the sheets. A micro-dose is also a great first experience for novice cannabis users as it reduces the chance of over consumption that leads to overwhelm. This is one product we suggest keeping in any cannabis arsenal!