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Welcome: Kind Love is one of Colorado’s most talked about Medical Marijuana Centers! Since February, 2010 Kind Love has been serving Colorado MMJ patients with medicinal grade, high quality natural medicine. Our medical marijuana is grown locally in a Kind Love warehouse where experienced growers take the time and effort necessary to produce the most exceptional medicine available.

Quality Flowers: We use organic nutrients to treat plants and take extra care in the curing and trimming stages to deliver beautiful, safe, disease free medicine. While many centers make use of trimming machines to speed up production, Kind Love takes pride in employing seasoned trimmers to manicure each bud by hand. Although the process takes longer, hand trimming conserves the flower’s trichomes thus delivering a more potent and effective product. Kind Love is responsible for about 90% of the medicine on our shelves, including a variety of hash concentrates.

Non-Smokables: Not only does Kind Love have the cannabis patients are looking for but we also carry a large array of medicated edibles and beverages, capsules, tinctures and topicals! Advances in medical marijuana have opened the door to a plethora of options besides smoking. In carrying products from outside vendors, Kind Love is selective as to who gets their products on our shelves. Kind Love ensures that all products live up to our high expectations in quality, packaging, potency, pricing and compliance with state laws.

Everyone is Welcome: We are 100% ADA compliant with Handicap access available in the rear of the Homestead Suites Hotel parking lot located off of Leetsdale Dr. Because our patient’s safety is of utmost importance Kind Love has security on staff at all times to walk patients to their vehicles and insure safety within the Center. Kind Love also employs a Notary Public available to help patients’ complete applications and subsequent state paperwork. The staff at Kind Love is available to answer questions regarding the application and renewal process, current state laws and other information important for MMJ patients.

Stay Informed: In an effort to keep patients updated on the latest products, sales, events and state laws Kind Love keeps in touch through our weekly newsletter and text messaging. The Kind Love Newsletter contains information about approved ailments and the medicinal relief of marijuana, strain reviews, menu updates, coupons and much more. To subscribe to the newsletter and/or text messaging please visit our website or let a Kind Love staff member know.

Member Benefits: Member Benefits are enjoyed by patients who designate Kind Love as their caregiver on their MMJ Application or by using a Patient Status Change Form. Members of Kind Love enjoy 10 – 20% off of all everything from flowers to edibles to vaporizers to books! Signing up is easy and can be done at the Center. Please check out our website for full details and speak with a Kind Love staff member if you are interested.

Ways To Save: Check out Kind Love and enjoy 15% off on your first visit as well as a coupon for 10% off of your second! Refer a friend and you both receive 20% off! Are you a Veteran, a senior or medicating for a terminal illness? Let us know and reap the benefits of our Compassionate Cannabis Program! We look forward to serving you!